Add a Blog on Shopify

August 15, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Add a Blog on Shopify
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An efficient way to increase traffic and SEO on your store is to add blogs to your Shopify store where you can update the store's information, services, products, and stories in the posts of those blogs. When you don't want to show the blog posts on your Shopify store, you can delete them as well. 

In fact, Shopify automatically sets the name for new blogs is NewsHowever, you can keep its default name or create a blog with the custom name.

How to add a blog on Shopify

  • Step 1: Select Blog Posts
  • Step 2: Choose Manage blogs
  • Step 3: Click Add blogs
  • Step 4: Complete your blog
  • Step 5: Save


Step 1: Select Blog posts

Login your Shopify admin > Click on Online store > Select Blog posts


Step 2: Choose Manage blogs

Then you click on the Manage blogs button


Step 3: Click Add blogs

After choosing Manage posts, click on Add blogs button to continue


Step 4: Complete your blog

In this step, you need to complete the blog which contains giving it a title, editing SEO, managing comments on the blog, and choosing theme template.


Step 5: Save

Pressing the Save button to create the blog successfully on your store.



We believe that if you exactly follow the steps above, you will create the blogs on your store without any difficulties. Having blogs on the online shopping store is considered as a crucial way to convert visitors into customers. Hope this writing can give you a hand to boost your Shopify business. 

Add a Post to a Blog on Shopify

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August 15, 2021