Remove an Menu Item on Shopify

September 08, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Remove an Menu Item on Shopify
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As adding a menu item to Navigation, in some cases, you want to remove a menu item as well when it is no longer useful. So this writing is a right one for you to know how to remove the menu item on your Shopify store. However, be careful when you decide to remove that menu item, because it will also be deleted from your Shopify store's navigation. 

How to remove an menu item on Shopify

  • Step 1: Go to Navigation
  • Step 2: Choose the item
  • Step 3: Delete menu
  • Step 4: Save


Step 1: Go to Navigation

Login your Shopify admin > Click on Online Store on the left side of the page > Choose Navigation 


Step 2: Choose the item

In the navigation interface at the right side, you can see a list of menus on your store. Clicking on the menu title that includes the item you want to remove.


Step 3: Delete menu

When you click on the menu title, you'll be moved directly to its detail item list. On the right side of that menu, you need to click on the Delete button that placed next to the Edit button on the menu item block which you want to remove 


Step 4: Save

Click on the Save button on the very upper right of your page or Save menu button on the bottom right of the page to apply the changes successfully.



With a few easy steps that can help you clean your store's Navigation. Hope this article can give you a hand for removing menu items out of Shopify store. There are more relative Shopify tutorials like this, check out more posts on selling online