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September 09, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Add a Webpage with your Store Policies on Shopify
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There are several types of policies needed publishing for customers throughout their procurement so creating your own policy webpages is important in online shopping business. They can be a privacy policy, refund policy, shipping policy, etc. 

In addition to associating the policies with the footer in the checkout page, adding them to the menu is another wise choice to describe your own policies adequately and clearly. There is a template sample for you to choose from Shopify if you've not prepared yet, however, you need to review the policies carefully before publishing them because you are in charge of following your own store policies. This writing will give you 4 steps to create a webpage with store policies on Shopify.

How to Add a Webpage with your Store Policies on Shopify

  • Step 1: Go to Settings > select Legal 
  • Step 2: Enter your policies
  • Step 3: Review the policies
  • Step 4: Save

Step 1: Go to Settings > select Legal

Login your Shopify admin account > go to Settings at the very bottom left of the screen > select Legal 

Step 2: Enter the policies

In this step, you can enter your own policies in the filling box corresponding to the title, or you also use the template by clicking Replace with template given at the bottom of the box. 

Step 3: Review the policies

After filling the policies in the box, you should double check it in case you want to make any changes if necessary and to make sure all is perfect before publishing on storefront. 

Step 4: Save

Remember to click the Save button to successfully add the policies to your store. 

As the default setting, the policies will be automatically added to the footer of the checkout page after you insert them into your storefront. So customers will see the policies before checking out, also this will be great if these pages linked to the store navigation.


Now you find that creating a policy page is not hard as you thought, right? all you need to do is follow correctly this guidance and revise the policies carefully. Hope this article benefits you and for further helpful information, you can check more posts on selling online on the blog section.