Áp dụng Mẫu cho Blog trên Shopify

July 15, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Apply a Template to a Blog on Shopify
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After creating a blog template, you can definitely apply it to a specific blog. Consequently, when you change or apply another template to a blog, this means all its existing post template will be changed to the one you've set. 

So to apply successfully a template to a blog, you should follow the steps that I've prepare for you below in order to have an alluring and professional blog layout to attract more visitors and followers to increase the brand awareness.

How to apply a template to a blog 

  • Step 1: Go to Online Store > Blog Posts
  • Step 2: Mange Blogs
  • Step 3: Click the blog you want to edit
  • Step 4: Select a template from Temple menu
  • Step 5: Save

Step 1: Go to Online Store > Blog Posts

Login your Shopify admin > go to Online Store > select Blog posts



 Step 2: Manage Blogs

Then on Blog posts interface, you need to click on Manage Blogs button to continue the process


Step 3: Click the blog you want to edit

There are some existing blogs which you've already created show up, then click on a blog you want to edit 


 Step 4: Select a template from Template menu

 Afterwards you'll be moved to that blog interface, scrolling down to find a block called Theme template. Then, selecting a blog template that you want it to apply on the blog. 


 Step 5: Save

 After choosing the template, remember to click on the Save button to apply it successfully to the blog. You can either click on two the save button.

You've been guided about how to apply a created template to a blog on your Shopify store. Hope this writing can give you a hand to manage the Blog on your store and bring you benefits to boost your brand worldwide with attractive blog posts.