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September 08, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
How to Add a Menu Item on Shopify
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Just a few easy steps so you can have a navigation by adding a menu item that linking to webpages such as collections, products, policies, blogs, etc. This helps customers can find their products more easily. 

Follow the steps below to know how to add a menu item for displaying the navigation on Shopify store.

7 steps to add a menu item on Shopify

  • Step 1: Go to Navigation
  • Step 2: Choose menu
  • Step 3: Add menu item
  • Step 4: Enter Name
  • Step 5: Select Link
  • Step 6: Finish


Step 1: Go to Navigation

You need to log in your Shopify admin account > click Online Store in the left column of the page > choose Navigation 


Step 2: Choose menu

There is a list of menus under the Title in Navigation page, choose a menu that you want to edit


Step 3: Add menu item

You'll be moved to the menu item section > click Add menu item at the bottom of the menu 


Step 4: Enter Name

A popup box appears > fill the Title of the menu item in the Name field 


Step 5: Select Link

After giving name for menu item, click the Link filed to search or paste a link to connect the item to the page you want customers to be lead to. For example, you add a certain collection name to the Name field and select the collection option in the Link field so when customers click to that name on the navigation on the storefront, they will be directed to the collection page. It is the same with Homepage, Product page, Blog/Blog posts, Policies, etc. In case you want to create a email link, mailto: youremail@gmail.com format is accepted. 

Be sure to choose the matching destination with the name you set. Select Home page means your online store's home page is automatically the destination. 



Step 6: Finish

After adding the name and link to the menu item box, click Add button at the bottom to save the data. Then click Save menu or Save in the upper right and bottom right of the page.


Navigation is a crucial feature for any online shopping store. Now you can easily create it by your self just following these steps of How to add a menu item on Shopify. I hope you find this institution helpful.
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September 08, 2021