Edit a Webpage on Shopify

August 30, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Edit a Webpage on Shopify
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Web pages play a crucial role in completing a website because they give customers more important information about the products and services. That's why an online shop owner should ensure that customers are given precise information and appealing content on all the web pages. Therefore, you'd better know how to edit a webpage on your Shopify store to change anything you want for specific purposes.

How to edit a webpage on Shopify

  • Step 1: Go to Pages
  • Step 2: Choose the webpage
  • Step 3: Edit the webpage
  • Step 4: Save


Step 1: Go to Pages

First of all, you need to login to your Shopify admin > Click on Online Store > Select Pages option under it



Step 2: Choose the webpage

In the Pages interface, you'll see a list of the web page titles you've already created, then click on the one which you aim to edit its content.



Step 3: Edit the webpage

In this step, you can change whatever you want from its title, content, to the visibility, or even you can edit the search engine of the webpage as you scroll down in the search engine listing preview block. 



Step 4: Save

When you complete editing the webpage's content, click on either the Save button at the top right or bottom right corner of the page to store all the changes you've made. 


Those are some simple steps on how to make changes to a webpage on Shopify. I hope this writing can give you a hand on managing web pages on your store more effectively. If you want to go further with more helpful tutorials, check out our Selling online.