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September 08, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Edit Menu Item
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After adding a menu item, you may want to edit it when products or information on that menu have changed. You can quickly update the information on your menu item in just a few simple steps. To check the update, you may go to Navigation page on the store because the menu item is connected to online store's navigation section. 

There are some steps to show you the way to edit menu item for your Shopify online store.

Edit a menu item on Shopify store

  • Step 1: Go to Navigation
  • Step 2: Choose Menu
  • Step 3: Edit menu
  • Step 4: Make changes
  • Step 5: Apply changes
  • Step 6: Save menu

Step 1: Go to Navigation

Login your Shopify admin account > find and click on Online Store placed at the left column of the screen > Select the forth options named Navigation 


Step 2: Choose Menu

A list of menu items will appear when you click on Navigation > select the menu item's title that includes the item you want to edit 


Step 3: Edit menu

You'll be moved to a detailed page of the selected menu item > click on the Edit button beside the item's name in the menu items section 


Step 4: Make changes

When you click on the Edit, an edit popup box will appear. Then, you can change any information on the two given fields including Name and Link.

Change the menu item name by delete the old one and fill the new instead > if you want to set another external link, then click on the X button on the Link field to remove the recent link and choose another type on the symbol list. 


Step 5: Apply changes

Click Apply changes in the bottom of the menu item popup box when you complete the changes. The box will disappear and the data will be updated afterwards.

Step 6: Save menu

Don't forget to check the changes and click Save menu. You can click the save button at the very upper right corner or the one at the bottom right on the screen. 

Just in a few steps, you can update your menu item on your Shopify store. Hope you find this writing useful that helps you grow your online business. To boost your business to better sales, I think the add an online sales channel to your store will benefit your business to go further.