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August 15, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Remove Online Sales Channels on Shopify
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Having more sales channels for online store is a significant plus for gaining the sales revenue. However, managing many sales channels is a challenge which might lead store owners to feel overworked. Additionally, there are some products which you don't want to display on some certain online channels. Therefore, you should know how to remove an online sales channel from your Shopify admin to manage the data wisely.

Remove an Online Sales Channel

  • Step 1: Select Sales Channels
  • Step 2: Click the trash can icon
  • Step 3: Enter the reason for removing
  • Step 4: Click Remove


Step 1: Select Sales Channels

Log in your Shopify admin account > Click on Settings on the bottom left of the screen > a list of sections appears, then selecting Sales channels.


Step 2: Click the trash can icon 

After clicking on Sales channels section, a list of active channels will be shown > clicking on the trash can icon beside the channel which you want it to be removed. 


Step 3: Enter the reason for removing

Once you click to the trash can icon, a note will popup to warn you about the risk of removing that channel. When you mark on the tick-box, a filling box will appear below to ask you why you want to remove that channel. It is not compulsory, if you have the reason to remove it, then just enter the reason into the filling box; if you don't, just keep it empty. 



Step 4: Click Remove

After completing all the steps above, then click Remove to confirm. 


So it's actually easy for store owners to remove an online sales channel on Shopify with just some very simple steps. Hope it help you managing your Shopify business efficiently. Please contact us if you have any questions about sales channels, we're glad to assist you.