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July 29, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Upload a File to Shopify Admin
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Uploading files to a store is essential for driving shopping online business. You can use Shopify file uploading function to upload a picture or a data file to your store in order to illustrate your products and make the information easier for customers to reach. This function is definitely give you a hand to increase efficiency for your online business. So this writing generated to show you how to upload a file as well as a picture to your Shopify admin. 

How to upload a file to Shopify admin 

  • Step 1: Go to Files
  • Step 2: Click on Upload Files
  • Step 3: Choose Files


Step 1: Go to Files

Login to your Shopify admin > Find Settings button on the bottom left of the page > Choose Files 


Step 2: Click on Upload Files

On the Files page, find Upload Files button and click on it to continue 


Step 3: Choose files

Choose a file from your device and click on Open to complete the process


From the article, now you know how to upload a file to your Shopify admin. With some easy steps you can successfully upload the files you want to make your store look more professional. Hope this tutorial can give you a hand to use the feature efficiently.