Upload Images to your Online Store Content on Shopify

August 27, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Upload Images to your Online Store Content on Shopify
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Based on the fact that online shopping businesses are continuously developed in this digital era, online store owners should know the crucial role of giving information is in driving traffic for their business. Especially, giving digital content such as images or videos for illustrating the products and services. By adding images to products, collections, blog posts, wherever throughout your store that not only helps you gain more brand awareness but also helps customers easily access the message faster and know your products better. 

Up to now, images are the most appealing type of information so that customers can know exactly the items they want and make quick choices by just looking at them. Even though this feature has been created for a long time from the beginning to assist owners in their business, but they have not still known this effective way yet to visually brighter their business. 

Therefore, this writing is generated to guide you clearly step-by-step on how to add image files to your Shopify store including products, collections, blog posts, etc. 

How to upload image file to your store content

  • Step 1: Choose content
  • Step 2: Place cursor
  • Step 3: Insert image
  • Step 4: Upload file
  • Step 5: Select image
  • Step 6: Add alt text
  • Step 7: Insert & Save


Step 1: Choose content

First, you login to your Shopify admin > choose a content you want to add image to. It's placed at the left side of the page including pages such as Product, Collection, Blog post, etc.



Step 2: Place cursor

After you get in the page's interface you want, clicking on the title of product you want to edit. Then, moving your cursor to the exact location where you want the image is placed on the content. This way will help you attach the image at the right place you want.



Step 3: Insert image

Then, insert the image by selecting the picture symbol button on the editing box above. 



Step 4: Upload file

When you click on the button, the insert-image box will show up. It shows you the images that you've already uploaded before. Uploading a new image to the content by clicking on the Upload file button or you can choose the available one from the list.



Step 5: Select image

After you select the image you want from your desktop, it will appear as the first image on the image box. You click on that image, and choose the size for it on the size filed below.



Step 6: Add alt text

This is not a compulsory step but we think if you want to increase the content rank in the search engine, add alt text to the Image alt text box.



Step 7: Insert & Save

Finally, clicking on the Insert image button at the very button right of the box. Then, the image will be attached perfectly at the position you put the cursor on before. 



Now, just a few simple steps you know how to upload an image to your store content without any difficulties. With this feature, you can help your customers access the message faster and know your store better, it even results in increasing sale rates for your business. Hope this article can give you a hand to drive your business more effectively. If you want to know further information about Shopify features, check out our more tutorials at selling online