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How to Launch Your Online Store with Shopify Themes

Use Comprehensive Inventories for Managing Products
Shopify website templates contain a multitude of tools to make the shopping experience pleasant. Indeed, the most important part of an online shop is the products presented in it. Using our themes, you’ll be able to work with your goods effectively.

To be precise, you can arrange your products the way you wish and build mega menus. It is possible to organize items into categories and subcategories, saving the space. Additionally, you can create product catalogs and collections of products. Knowing the peculiarities of your store, you will be able to manage and combine goods in the most suitable categories.

Customize Product Pages with Shopify Templates
While launching your shop, you have to choose the way to display goods on the general product page. You can opt for a traditional grid layout, or arrange products differently. After that, it is necessary to create pages for every item. Although this process can be time-consuming, it is required for attracting visitors. A single-product page aims to provide customers with a detailed description of each product. Moreover, shoppers will be able to see all product variations, such as sizes, materials, colors, etc. Shopify store templates let you use CSV files to make the process of product import/export faster.

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