Add a Logo to Email Templates on Shopify

August 15, 2021 | ArenaCommerce Account
Add a Logo to Email Templates on Shopify
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We all know that Logo plays a crucial role as a stylized version in brand recognition and it concisely reveals what the brand is and the field it's working. Especially in this digital era, people hardly tend to give time to something that much rambling so adding a logo to email templates makes your customers can identify your brand quickly as well as get your message just in a glance. That's why this writing is generated to guide you how to add a logo to am email template for you Shopify store.

How to add a logo to email templates

  • Step 1: Go to Notifications
  • Step 2: Click Customize
  • Step 3: Upload your logo


Step 1: Go to Notifications

Login to your Shopify admin > Go to Settings which placed at the very bottom left corner of the page > Click on Notifications block which has a bell icon


Step 2: Click Customize

In the left side of the page - Customer Notifications, click on Customize button to continue 


Step 3: Upload your logo

You'll be moved to the customize email templates interface. Then in the Logo block, you just click on Choose file to upload your logo 

Furthermore, on the middle block of the page, there are some example email notification templates that the system will send your customers. You can switch to another available template by clicking on the arrow button at the top right corner of the block. 

Now you can find the way to insert your logo to the email templates to make it more unique for your store and help customers to identify your brand quicker. Hope this article will give you a hand to make small things matter.